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“Prepare for severe weather” – Herefordshire Council

Herefordshire Council is urging residents, particularly those who may have experienced flooding in the past, to make preparations following a weather warning from the Met Office.

Although there is medium risk of flooding from rivers or surface water across central England and north east Wales on Friday, the council has issued the warning as some families are still clearing up following flash flooding caused by the heavy storms which struck the county last week.

“We’ve received a Flood Guidance Statement from the Flood Forecasting Centre detailing that the river and surface water flood risk is MEDIUM (significant disruption) for eastern, central and northern England and northeast Wales tomorrow (Fri) and Saturday,” said the chairman of Herefordshire Council’s severe weather group, Clive Hall.

“The council has an arrangement with some parish councils to hold stocks of sandbags for local use in areas where there is a known risk of flooding.

“In rural areas, residents’ first point of contact for assistance with sandbags should be their local parish council. This service is provided free of charge - for details of your local parish council visit

“Alternatively, we hold a limited stock of filled sandbags for the public to collect at times of emergency from the following depots,” added Clive.

Rotherwas Depot, Unit 3, Thorn Business Park, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6JT
Kingsland Depot, Street Lane, Kingsland, HR6 9RG
Bromyard Depot, Hereford Road, Bromyard, HR7 4ET
Ross-on-Wye Depot, Ashburton Industrial Estate, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7BW

The council’s switchboard is open to deal with any enquiries regarding flooding and the number to call is 01432 260000.

To ensure the council’s resilience team has a complete picture of how the county is being affected by floods, the team is asking that residents report any flooding either via the council’s switchboard or via the form on the council website -

If floods do occur in the county, Herefordshire Council has the following advice:

School closures
Parents are advised to keep an eye on the council’s website for updates on school closures –

Advice to motorists
Herefordshire Council urges motorists to take extra care when travelling around the county, as many roads are affected by excess surface water and conditions are liable to change at short notice.  Motorists are advised to:

• Listen to the local and national radio for travel information

• Tell someone at your destination what time you expect to arrive

• Remember that in wet weather stopping distances are at least double those required for stopping on dry roads

• Keep well back from the vehicle in front, so you have the time and distance to break safely

• If steering becomes unresponsive it probably means the water is preventing the tyres from gripping the road, ease off the accelerator and slow down gradually

• Remember the rain and spray from vehicles makes it difficult to see and be seen, so adjust your speed and drive more slowly and use your headlights

• Do not enter floodwater, as there is no way of telling how deep it may be. This applies if you are on foot as well as in a vehicle - manhole covers may have been loosened or removed so there could be extremely dangerous hidden hazards in floodwater.

• Please respect road closure signs - they are there for your safety and mean the road is impassable.

• If you have to attend a medical appointment, please leave extra time

• Avoid any non-essential journeys