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Herefordshire Council group leaders call on Northern Racing

There was a meeting of Herefordshire Council Group Leaders today attended by Councillor John Jarvis: Leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Bob Matthews: Leader of the Independent Group and Councillor Terry James: Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group.

Following that meeting, the Group Leaders issued the following joint statement.

[UPDATE 1st August 2012] To clarify that Councillor Mark Hubbard: Leader of the It's Our County Group, who was unable to be at the meeting on 31 July, also supports this joint statement.

“In response to the surprising and un-announced decision of Northern Racing to cease operating Hereford Racecourse at the end of the year we call upon Northern Racing to come to the table with the Council’s representatives and help us find a solution.

“They must take their responsibilities to Herefordshire and to racing seriously.

“If Northern Racing are unable or unwilling to operate the course. We and our groups will jointly seek an alternative operator to continue racing at the racecourse.

The latest position on the racecourse is available here.