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Quiet please! Council’s weekend noise response team returns

Herefordshire Council is getting ready to repeat last year’s night-time noise response scheme, which will operate throughout the county every weekend from Friday 22nd June to Bank Holiday Monday 27th August inclusive.

The scheme is to be repeated as a result of last year’s successful trial.  It involves setting up a dedicated noise team who operate after 9pm at the weekends.  Residents complaining of unreasonable noise nuisance from parties or neighbours during the summer can get their complaints dealt with quickly by environmental health officers. 

Marc Willimont, acting head of environmental protection and licensing, said: “With what we hope will be warm, long summer evenings ahead, many people like to hold barbecues and parties.  But sometimes these can cause unacceptable noise nuisance to their neighbours.

“Before our noise team was set up, people would have to wait until after the weekend to report such incidents.  Now we can respond when the nuisance is actually happening by sending one of environmental health officers to the address concerned to sort the situation out.

“Last year, we were able to reduce the impact of the majority of noisy parties by simply speaking to and negotiating with the people involved. However, the environmental health officers will retain the power to serve noise abatement notices if necessary.

A survey of the 57 households who used the noise team last year showed that it was very well received by residents and that an overwhelming number were more than satisfied with the service. The police also reported a significant reduction in night time calls to them about noise, which allowed their officers to concentrate on other policing matters.

Marc added: “We hope this return of the noise team will have a positive impact on the lives of many people who would normally have to wait and phone us on the Monday morning following a weekend of noise which has prevented them from sleeping.  The service comes as a result of savings made elsewhere in environmental services last year and aims to focus on providing support where it is needed most.

The Noise Response team can be contacted on 01432 261761 after 9pm over the coming weekends up until the August Bank Holiday.