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Get cash for Christmas – smokers urged to quit and save

Smokers in Herefordshire are being urged to quit smoking and start saving now to make Christmas 2012 the best ever.

A campaign launched by NHS Herefordshire, running on the back of the national Stoptober campaign, shows just how much a typical smoker* could save to spend on their family over the festive season.

For example, quit for a day buys a trip for one child to Santa’s grotto at £6.59, quit for three weeks and £138 buys your teenager a smart phone or an iPod, quit for a year and you could have £2,376 extra to spend next Christmas.     

Elizabeth Shassere, director of public health, said: “We know cash is tight in many households at the moment, and quitting smoking now could make a real difference to family celebrations this Christmas. 

“We all want the best for our children and loved ones, and giving up smoking is a great way of showing everyone how much you love them.  As well as freeing up cash to buy presents for everyone, you are protecting your family from second hand smoke and protecting yourself from smoking related illness. 

“With help from a quit programme you are four times more likely to quit successfully. These programmes will provide you with completely free advice and support and you can access these at your local pharmacy, your GP or a Halo leisure centre.”