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Car parking charges agreed

A decision has been signed off this week (17 October) on parking charges for the next year, following the council’s annual review of fees and charges.

The charges have been agreed by the Cabinet Member following consultation with the respective town councils who were encouraged to submit options that met their resident’s local needs.

Ledbury was a particularly good example of this where the Town Council made recommendations on the proposal which allowed the Cabinet Member to agree to free parking on a Sunday.

Discussions with other town councils have seen short stay prices increase generally in the order of 10p or 20p on each tariff.

Long stay car parks at Merton Meadow in Hereford and Broad Street in Leominster have increased above the rate of inflation to encourage people to use public transport and active travel to reduce traffic congestion.

The annual increases are being implemented this year because of the ongoing budget challenges due to demographic pressures, reductions in Central Government funding and the council’s continuing commitment to look after our most vulnerable citizens.

The new charges will take effect from November 19.