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Herefordshire goes electric

Those who drive or are thinking of switching to electric cars, will have more places to ‘charge up’ after Herefordshire Council announced today (Friday, 12 October) that they are committed to delivering a network of charging points across the county.

The council is currently developing plans to install charging points across Hereford and all market towns within the next 12 months through a joint project with the ‘Plugged-in Midlands’ grant scheme.

Councillor Russell B. Hamilton, Cabinet Member for environment, housing and planning who announced the scheme at the council's cabinet meeting yesterday said: “This is great news for our county.  We have made a firm commitment that is about to put Herefordshire on the map insofar as our offer of charging points is concerned, we hope that as a result of this more people will consider electric vehicles as a serous proposition. 

 “This will help reinforce and support our commitment to becoming a low carbon county.  I would welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone who would be interested in partnering with us to develop the network even further such as car dealers, supermarkets or the business community.  By working together we really could put Herefordshire at the forefront among rural counties"

Rob Garner, Chair of Herefordshire Environment Partnership, said: "Our partnership, which was delighted recently to be designated a Local Nature Partnership by the Government, very much supports this initiative and the leadership being shown by Councillor Hamilton and Herefordshire Council.

“It is a great example of what can be achieved by working together. We hope that this will lead to greater usage of electric vehicles in the county - another positive step towards a more sustainable Herefordshire."

Also as part of h.Energy week, a film called ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ along with a panel discussion will be held at the Courtyard on Monday 15 October where an example of the electric charging points will be on public display. More information and tickets can be found on The Courtyard’s website or by phone on 01432 340555.

h.Energy is organised by New Leaf and sponsored by Greenearth Energy. This year h.Energy has more than 100 events all around the county, covering all aspects of sustainability.  Programmes detailing all of this year’s h.Energy Week (October 15 to 23) are also available at all council libraries and on the New Leaf website: