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More household items can now be reused in Herefordshire

Often when we have a clear out at home we find items that we no longer need in perfectly good condition. This reuse initiative is a way for these items to be passed on to local charities so that they can raise vital funds to help them with their work. It also prevents useable items going to waste.

Residents of Herefordshire can drop off items that are suitable for reuse at Leominster household recycling centre where the site attendants will put them aside for collection by St Michael's Hospice. Bicycles can be taken for reuse to both Leominster and Hereford (Rotherwas) household recycling centres and are collected by local charity Full House.

The household recycling centres are open most days, making it easy for you to drop off any unwanted household items or bikes that are too good to throw away.

All upholstered items such as dining room chairs, mattresses and lounge furniture must carry a label on each item indicating that it complies with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988.

A wide range of items including electrical items, metals and garden waste can be recycled at every household recycling centre in Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Leominster & Hereford (Rotherwas) recycling centre is open from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 6pm
For more information about all of the household recycling centres in Herefordshire and Worcestershire or for more information about reuse organisations in the two counties visit or call 01905 766883.