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C1262 Hoarwithy Bridge update

Work on the C1262 is progressing well despite the extensive damage caused by  the very large badger sett, which has proved more time consuming to repair than originally anticipated.

The concrete haunching along the edges of the road has been completed, which adds support and structure to the highway.

The team have been uncovering the banks in preparation for the laying of plastic coated wire mesh  which is a necessary step to deter any future badger activity at the site. The top layer of soil and wild planting will be re-laid and is expected to re-establish itself well. This is an important part of the work to prevent the badgers returning.

We still anticipate the work being completed by the end of August  in readiness for  the new school term commencing and are carrying out essential work to reopen the road as soon as possible.

Whilst work on the embankment continues, it is important to note that the road closure is still in place and  ask that motorists respect this.

We thank residents and drivers for their continuing co-operation.