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Council continues to work with traveller communities

Herefordshire Council acknowledges the recent comments made by the secretary of state for communities and local government Eric Pickles MP, regarding how local authorities work with traveller communities. 

Herefordshire Council is committed to working with traveller communities in the county and continues to provide dedicated traveller sites.  A good relationship has been developed with the traveller community, although enforcement is carried out when necessary.

Councillor Russell B Hamilton, cabinet member for environment, housing and planning, said: “The council takes its obligations around travellers very seriously.  We carry out enforcement where it is necessary, which can be challenging at times, but we have a good relationship with traveller communities and we aim to maintain that.”

“We are aware that we have a shortage of traveller pitches available, but we have been working hard to correct this over the past few years and I believe we will close the gap over the coming years.”

“We need residents to appreciate that as with any part of the community, everyone has a right to live somewhere and be treated with dignity and respect and this applies to the travelling community.”

To find out more, please read the council’s traveller policy.