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Proposed Edgar Street scheme comes under the spotlight

A scheme aimed at developing Hereford’s Edgar Street to ease congestion and help enhance the region’s prosperity came under the spotlight during a meeting last Friday.

The Highways Agency met with Herefordshire Council and also invited Jesse Norman MP and representatives of the Herefordshire Tree Forum to listen to their views and outline the details of the scheme.

Tim Harbot, Midlands Regional Director for the Highways Agency, said: "We called this meeting because we felt that there was a need to outline the details of the proposed scheme as well as hear the views of Hereford’s people through local representation.

“We were keen to provide information and an opportunity to discuss the proposed Edgar Street scheme to discuss next steps forward.  

“The outcome of the meeting has been very productive. We listened to the local ward councillors and the Herefordshire Tree Forum, who requested that we save as many trees as possible. We have agreed to look into whether any of the trees can be saved and have also agreed to replace any trees which will have to be removed, with the same number and species of tree.

“Normally, we would plant saplings as a replacement for any felled trees, but on this occasion, we have agreed to plant lime trees which are already six to seven metres tall.

“The scheme, proposed by Herefordshire Council and the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership, in line with the requirements of the Pinch Point Programme will have long-term benefits for Hereford. We will continue to work with Herefordshire Council to increase prosperity for local residents for many years to come.”

Geoff Hughes, Director Economy, Communities and Corporate added: “We have worked very closely with the Highways Agency to produce a scheme which will benefit the economic prosperity of those who live and work in the city. We fully support the Highways Agency’s decision to try to save as many lime trees as possible and to re-plant trees where this is not possible.”