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20 Mph Proposals for City Centre and Newmarket Street

Motorists driving through Hereford City’s Historic Core, the area within the old city walls may soon be asked to lower their speeds with the introduction of a 20mph speed limit. The proposal will also include Newmarket Street ahead of the completion of the Old Market retail development.

The 20mph zone is proposed to help improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and other highway users as well as enhancing the city centre environment. The proposal comes ahead of the completion of the Old Market site and is designed to ensure that motorists improve their awareness of and respect for the city centre environment.

Cllr Price, Cabinet Member Infrastructure said “we felt it was essential to make the distinction to motorists that they are entering a city centre environment where it’s important to be aware of a higher number of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. By reducing the speed limit we make the retail environment a safer and more pleasurable place for shoppers using the city centre and the new retail development.”

“With the completion of the new retail development and the refurbishment of Newmarket Street both due in April 2014, this was the optimum time for us to think about changing speed limits.  There will be a significant change in the landscape of the city in the coming months and the emphasis needs to be geared towards a safe and attractive shopping environment for residents and visitors to the city.”

Tags: Highways and transportation