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Get your loved ones something that will make a difference this year

Herefordshire Council is backing a campaign launched by Staffordshire County Council that encourages people to buy their loved ones something special for Christmas that will make a difference.

Put together by Staffordshire’s adult social care team, the campaign consists of a catalogue-style listing of Christmas Gift ideas that, from just £3, could make daily life easier for adults.  There are gadgets listed that can help with eating, drinking, bathing and being safe all in one place, for all budgets.

Councillor Graham Powell, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “We think this is a great idea.

“The catalogue has some fantastic gadgets that will a make a big difference to people’s everyday lives.

“I hope people will have a look at the catalogue and feel inspired to add one of these gadgets to their Christmas shopping list this year.”  

Christmas catalogue

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Long Shoe Horn
An easier way to slip a shoe on your foot 
From £2
Easy Key Turner
A Key turner helps you grip a key and turn it much easier
From £2
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Remote Control Socket
Turn your plug socket off from a distance 
From £12
Loud Big button Phone
A phone build to help people who are partly sighted
From £19
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An Extra Loud Doorbell
A doorbell for those who are hard of hearing
From £28
1 Cup Kettle
A kettle you don't need to pick up
From £30
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Non-Slip Tray
Avoid the chances of a drinks spillage
From £30
Talking Watch
A watch that can tell you the time
From £28
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