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Greenway set to open

Greenway BridgeWalkers and cyclists wanting to cut their journey times from Hereford and the north of the city to the Hereford Enterprise Zone can do so by using the eagerly anticipated Greenway Bridge, the traffic free crossing over the River Wye, from 3pm on 10 December 2013. The Greenway will be open from the afternoon of 10 December from High Town to Thorn Business Park, with the rest of the route to Chapel Road open by 20 December.

The Greenway runs from the eastern gate of Hereford Cathedral, through St James and Bartonsham across the River Wye into Rotherwas. Once across the river, the route is traffic free via the railway underpass into Thorn Business Park, largely following the line of the dismantled Hereford to Ross railway. It is hoped to continue the route along the former railway line to Holme Lacy, opening up access to the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the future.

The route offers a quicker, healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to driving through Hereford and provides a valuable link into the Hereford Enterprise Zone. At just under three miles from the city centre, most cyclists will be able to travel the full length of the Greenway in less than 15 minutes. There will be graded ramp approaches on both sides to help access for disabled users and cyclists.

Cllr Price Cabinet Member Infrastructure said “I am delighted that this project is nearing completion. It will make the lives of those regularly travelling to and from Rotherwas easier and the journey to work quicker and more enjoyable. With a comparable journey made by car taking significantly longer I am confident that the route will attract new walkers and cyclists switching on to the health, wealth and environmental benefits of this alternative way of travelling into Rotherwas.”

Henry Harbord, Sustrans’ Area Manager for the West Midlands, said “this project is all about giving people the opportunity to make ‘everyday’ journeys by bike or on foot and, with the high level of support we’ve seen from the public all the way through the project’s development, I’m certain that once open, it will help us towards delivering our ambition to double the number of journeys under 5 miles made by foot, bike or public transport, from 2 out of 5 to 4 out of 5.   

The Greenway is one of 84 Sustrans projects across the UK to benefit from the £50 million Big Lottery Fund for the development of sustainable routes for everyday journeys for people travelling by foot or bike and has attracted external funding too. Every Herefordshire Council pound has secured £1.75 of external funding into the county. The bid was originally made under Sustrans' Connect2 project.

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