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Statement from the leader of Herefordshire Council

Control of Herefordshire Council will remain unchanged following discussions between the larger political groups of councillors.

Councillor Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council had offered a seat in the ruling cabinet to the It’s Our County (IOC) and Independent groups, but both groups have declined his offer.

In a statement Councillor Johnson said: “I am disappointed that IOC and the Independents have refused the offer to take cabinet places and co-operate for the benefit of Herefordians.

“160 councils including Herefordshire are left with very few options and are having to take extraordinarily difficult decisions to deal with deep cuts imposed by Westminster.

“Priorities must be made.  Our priorities are to keep young people safe, to protect the vulnerable and to invest in projects to improve roads, create jobs and build more homes for this and future generations.  This is not necessarily a headline grabbing agenda but a clear focus to ensure that taxpayer’s precious money is spent in the best possible way for the people of Herefordshire.

“We will continue to do what’s unavoidable but right and which includes much good news.  The new livestock market goes from strength to strength, a new retail centre which will bring hundreds of much needed jobs, a rapidly growing success story of inward investment and jobs at Rotherwas, significant investment in leisure facilities, a new archive centre, a new crematorium, a new main contractor with capital investment for our minor roads and a sound budget for next year as part of a three year plan.”

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