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Road Closure update: C1262 Hoarwithy Bridge to Kings Caple

Herefordshire Council, Amey Herefordshire and Natural England have been working hard to quickly identify an interim solution to allow the reopening of the C1262 - Hoarwithy Bridge to Kings Caple road in Herefordshire.

The road was forced to be closed last week due to subsidence caused by a local badger sett making the road unsafe for use by vehicles.

Badgers and their setts are strictly protected by law. Herefordshire Council and Amey have been working closely with Natural England to determine the best way to repair and reopen the road without causing unlawful disruption to the sett.

Natural England has been providing expert advice to our engineers. Due to the risk of trapping dependent cubs below ground during the badger breeding season, Natural England have advised that it is not possible to undertake extensive works to the road immediately.

However an interim solution has been agreed which will allow vehicular access until these repairs can be made.

Works to span the subsidence and open up a single lane under lights control, will be put in place quickly to allow the road to reopen.

Cllr Graham Powell, cabinet member for infrastructure and education said:  “We appreciate that this road closure is causing disruption. 

“I have been working closely with local ward councillor, Barry Durkin who has been very active on behalf of his constituents.

“I’m pleased we’ve been able to help come up with a short term solution to alleviate the inconvenience for local residents and businesses.

“The work will begin early next week and we anticipate the road will be open by the end of next week.”