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Aerospace visit represents next step in bringing new county jobs

Ross-on-Wye could be a step closer to securing hundreds of new jobs thanks to the announcement that representatives from the Ukraine government and a Ukrainian aerospace company are visiting the Model Farm employment site at Hildersley this month.

The visit, which takes place on 31st January, is with a view to locating an advanced manufacturing plant in the town.

Seattle-based Get it Group brings together landowners and international businesses looking for locations to expand their operations in.  For several months negotiations have been on-going between Herefordshire Council and the Get It Group who are looking to buy the land at Model Farm and will then bring the Ukrainian investment into the county. 

Discussions have progressed with the Get it Group to the extent that their client, Ukrainian firm Market-Mats, is actively considering Ross-on-Wye as a UK base.  The visit represents the next stage in their negotiations with Herefordshire Council as landowner of the Model Farm site.

On the 30th January, Mr Ihor Kroll, President of Market-Mats and Mr Pinskiy, Deputy Minister for Economic Development will meet with Communities Secretary Eric Pickles before travelling to Ross-on-Wye to meet with Herefordshire Council leaders the next day.

 “This is potentially great news for Herefordshire,” said Cllr Jarvis, as he welcomed news of the visit.

“The administration of Herefordshire Council is enthusiastic about the opportunities being created by the Get it Group.  It is their intention to bring business and training to both Ross on Wye and the Enterprize Zone in Hereford.

“This is a huge opportunity for our county.  The deal, if successful, is likely to create hundreds of jobs at Model Farm, together with training opportunities to help local people work in a well-paid manufacturing industry.”

As well as the ten-hectare site at Model Farm, initial discussions with Get it Group have also included bringing a second Eastern European firm to Herefordshire, with Georgian based Tbilisi Aerospace Manufacturing looking to invest on the Hereford Enterprise Zone.

Ray Stone, representative of the Get it Group, said “The proposed development at Model Farm presents a fantastic opportunity for the Ross-on-Wye community. 

The support shown by Herefordshire Council officers and local and national politicians, especially John Jarvis, Roger Philips, Jesse Norman MP, Anthea McIntyre MEP and Secretary of State Eric Pickles, has significantly helped Ross-on-Wye become the favoured site for the new Market-Mats advanced manufacturing campus.”