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Gritters prepared as snow predicted


Snow plough
Snow plough

A fleet of 15 gritters have been out and about treating priority routes, secondary routes and car parks throughout Herefordshire as temperatures have plummeted and snow is beginning to fall with more forecast. Salt has also been spread on heavily used footpaths and cycleways in the region.

Motorists are being advised to plan ahead for their journeys over the coming days and to stay up to date with the latest information and weather forecasts on local news channels.

Drivers can check maps of which routes will be treated on the winter roads and gritting routes page. They can also get the latest gritting updates by following ‘gritter twitter’ on @herefordstreets.

Clive Hall, head of highways and community services, said:  “Our gritters and snow ploughs will continue to work hard to keep the roads clear, focusing on maintaining all priority routes throughout the county.

“We have over 598 miles of roads that we will be treating as a priority to help keep road user safe, minimise any disruption and to ensure that emergency services can maintain access across the region.”

“As well as treating the priority routes, we are working closely with local farmers and our  contractors, Amey, who provide snow clearance services on minor roads and rural routes to help ensure that we can keep as many areas as possible safe and moving.

“We are also working with Parishes who have signed up to the community self-help scheme to ensure they have all the resources they need to treat their localised areas.”