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Public help needed to trace asbestos fly tippers

Herefordshire Council is looking for help from members of the public to identify those responsible for illegally dumping asbestos material in the county.

The council’s community protection team has been called to three separate incidences of asbestos fly tipping over the past six weeks in rural areas of Herefordshire. In each case, corrugated asbestos sheets have been found attached to a wooden pallet with either white or orange rope. The rope has been tied to a nearby tree, gate or fence, so as the vehicle drives away the pallet containing the asbestos sheeting is pulled onto the ground and the driver leaves the scene. 

Keith Eyles, community protection team enforcement officer, said: “This is a serious fly tipping situation and it is not an isolated incident as there have also been reported cases in neighbouring Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean. It is important to identify those responsible before we have any more incidents.”

“The community protection team is keen to hear from anyone who may be able to help identify those responsible for illegally dumping a known hazardous material. There are correct and legal ways to dispose of asbestos and we need to ensure that people adhere to these for their own safety and the safety of others.”

“If anyone does come across illegally dumped asbestos, they’re advised to call the council with details of the location, so we can arrange for correct disposal.”

We are asking for information from members of the public to identify those responsible, so we can prevent any further dumping occurring. Please contact the council on 01432 261982 or if you:

  • Know of any work being carried out locally, especially old roofs being dismantled
  • Have been approached by anyone in relation to the removal of asbestos or heard people talking about it
  • Have seen any vehicles loaded with asbestos or witnessed anyone dumping it
  • Find anything dumped which appears to be asbestos

To find out how to correctly dispose of asbestos, please visit: