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Museum on the Move in Herefordshire this summer

Museum on the Move is on the road this summer with a new exhibition: ‘Living by Numbers’, a numerical journey of discovery. This new hands on touring exhibition will be in Herefordshire from the June 6 until August 5, 2013.

You don’t need to be Einstein to enjoy numbers. They are constant companions throughout our lives marking every birthday, our first day at school, our height, our weight and our shoe size. Numbers tell us when to get up, when to go home and when to go to bed.

Visitors can step on board to learn how numbers have been used throughout history and investigate some wonderful objects including a Sinclair calculator and an African money ring, a Bee Meter and a Clog alamanc, a Comptometer and a Morse Code machine

The Museum on the Move will be in High Town in Hereford on 8 June and 13 July and will be visiting schools and community centres until 5 August.