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Seven year contract signed for Hereford's May Fair

People in Hereford can continue enjoying the city’s historic May fair for at least seven more years following a signing ceremony held at the Town Hall last week.

St Ethelbert’s Fair has been visiting Hereford on an annual basis since 1121 when King Henry 1 granted Bishop Richard rights to hold a nine day fair in Hereford city.  This was reduced to three days in 1838 when an Act of parliament included the provision of the city council to pay the incumbent Bishop twelve and one half bushels of best wheat (or monetary equivalent) for the privilege of holding the May Fair.

Passed on through generations of showmen, it still has the power to bring out the child in all of us, although prices have increased a bit.  In 1986 a typical children’s ride would cost 40p, but with spiralling fuel costs, you can expect to pay around £2 a ride today.

Abie Danter, Chairman of the South Wales and Northern Ireland branch of the Showman’s Guild, said at the signing ceremony:  “I am very pleased that the Guild is taking up the new contract for the next seven years.  It gives the members of the Guild something they can rely on.

“This is a major event in the showman’s calendar and something that I have been looking forward to signing.  This seven year contract gives us greater stability and encourages other members of the Guild to invest in the business which means we can buy more new rides.”