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A49 traffic signals fault causing delays

The Highways Agency has confirmed that they are aware of the problems with the new traffic signals on the A49 at Edgar Street since reinstating the traffic signals yesterday (Mon, 25 Nov). They have indicated that unfortunately the BT line connected to these signals, which links it to other traffic signals in Hereford, is not working due to a fault. This means the lights are operating on an automated fixed system and are not optimised to operate according the specific traffic flows at any given time.

The Highways Agency is working with BT to repair the line and they are monitoring the situation on a regular basis. Once the line is fixed and the signals have had a short time to optimise the timings to best suit the local traffic conditions, the arrangement will operate alongside an additional lane to increase capacity and help reduce queues on the A49 southbound approach to the junction.

They are confident road users can look forward to some real benefits from the scheme and have apologised for any delays or inconvenience this may cause in the interim. They are working hard to try and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Tags: Highways and transportation