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Council prosecutes resident for benefit fraud

Following an appearance at Hereford Crown Court on Friday 22 November 2013, Ann Bean was sentenced to seven months in custody for benefit fraud.

His Honour Judge Hooper QC told Ms Bean that whist she pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, this was a very serious offence given the length of time the offences had been committed over (almost ten years) and the overall size of the benefit fraud (nearly £70,000) and as such he was left with no choice but to give her a custodial sentence.

As a warning to others, Ms Bean was told that the public must know that benefit fraud is always likely to be visited with an immediate custodial sentence, certainly when cases reach the levels seen in this instance.  Ms Bean was told that she would serve three and a half months, before being considered for release on licence.

If you know someone who is claiming benefits which you think they are not entitled to, please let the council know so we can stop people cheating the benefits system. Please call 0800 592 953 or alternatively e-mail or complete an online referral form.  All information received will be treated in confidence. 

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