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What's on at Herefordshire Children's Centres

Children's centres help make sure children have the best possible start in life and they have a wide range of activities avaialbel for both parents and tots. Children's centres publish a regular calendar of 'What's On'. See the latest 'What's On' for each centre published here.

What's On Nov-Dec 2013 Coningsby Children's Centre Leominster

What's On Nov-Dec 2013 Broadlands Children's Centre Hereford

What's on Nov-Dec 2013 Widemarsh Children's Centre Hereford

What's On Nov-Dec 2013 Kington Children's Centre Kington

What's on Nov-Dec 2013 Golden Valley Children's Centre

What's on Nov-Dec 2013 South City Children's Centres

What's on Nov-Dec 2013 Ledbury Children's Centre

What's on Nov-Dec 2013 Ross-on-Wye Children's Centre


We'll add the 'What's On' page for other children's centres as they are published to the councils website.


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