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New waste permit scheme introduced

Permits to take rubbish and recycling to the county's household recycling centres in a commercial vehicle or trailer have changed. 

The new Commercial Vehicle and Trailer (CVT) permits are available free of charge to residents of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, with each household able to apply for up to 12 permits per year (April to March).  The permits will be issued on a pro rata basis of one permit per calendar month, however how they are used is up to the permit holder, as they are not restricted to one visit per month.  The permits will be retained by staff upon entry to a household recycling centre.

Residents can make as many visits as they like to their household recycling centre, providing it is in a private car, car with a small trailer (up to 1.3m in length with a single axle), caravanette, people carrier or minibus.  The CVT permits are only needed for vans or pickups, crew cab pickups, commercial type vehicles and trailers over 1.3m in length.

For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes or with a double axle trailer, they will not be permitted to enter a household recycling centre. 

The waste permit scheme has been used for a number of years to ensure that only household waste and no commercial or business waste ends up in the recycling centres, as this not only puts extra pressure on the centres by causing congestion but also adds to the cost for the council and taxpayer. 

Councillor Harry Bramer, cabinet member for major contracts, said: "The majority of people using our household recycling centres will not be affected by the new permits, as they are only for those using certain types of vehicles such as vans, pickups and commercial vehicles and trailers over 1.3m in length. 

“The permits are designed to tackle the illegal disposal of trade waste at our recycling centres, which ultimately costs the council and taxpayers."

The new permits were introduced on 1 October and to request a CVT permit application form, please visit or collect a form from your local info centre. 

Commercial waste can be disposed of at a number of private disposal sites in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, although a fee is normally charged.  For details of local sites, please visit

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