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Council petitions government for a fair share

Herefordshire Council is asking residents to help petition for a fair share of funding in rural areas from central government.

The rural fair share campaign is being actively promoted by the Rural Services Network with assistance from over 100 MPs from different political parties across the UK, with the aim to ensure that public services in rural areas receive a fair share of government funding.

Councillor Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “This is not a political issue that we are asking people to get involved in, it is quite simply about trying to bring more money into Herefordshire for the benefit of residents and businesses across the county.

“As it currently stands, the government provides rural areas with less funding than other more populated areas of the country.  However, although we may have fewer residents than other counties, we have other important issues to consider and finance such as an ageing population and helping people to travel around a large rural area for work.”

If you would like to sign the petition and help the council to try and bring more funding into the county, please visit your local info centre or library.

The petition will be available until 5pm on Thursday 19 September 2013.  The Herefordshire petition will then be presented in the House of Commons in October along with petitions from other rural counties.