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Hoarwithy Bridge re-opens

Hoarwithy Bridge, which has been under traffic management for over six months whilst carriageway repairs were undertaken, has now reopened to traffic.

The enforced closure in February 2013 was due to undermining of the carriageway, caused by a local badger sett. Herefordshire Council, Amey Herefordshire and Natural England have worked together to develop a solution which has allowed vehicular traffic to use the C1262 - Hoarwithy Bridge to Kings Caple road in Herefordshire.

Badgers and their setts are strictly protected by law. Herefordshire Council and Amey have worked closely with Natural England to implement the best solution to repairing and reopening the road without causing unlawful disruption to the sett during the past breeding season.

There is still some completion of embankment work  being carried out this week and further hedge work due to be carried out in October before  the bridge and road surface is fully completed.  However, the carriageway is now open to the travelling public, although some traffic management will still be in place.