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Budget to fix county’s roads announced

Herefordshire Council working with Balfour Beatty Living Places has announced its plan to councillors for the delivery of highways maintenance over the next financial year.

The draft Annual Plan contains proposals relating to the delivery of capital works aimed at improving the overall standard of Herefordshire’s highway network through a targeted programme of re-surfacing and drainage improvements. Together with additional funding recently announced by Government in response to the severe weather over recent months, the council expects to spend close to £40 million in this financial year on much needed road maintenance and routine services. 

Balfour Beatty Living Places also set out its proposals for routine maintenance such as filling potholes, street cleansing, grass cutting and parks maintenance over the same period. However, the squeeze on the council’s revenue funding means that efficiency improvements and some service reduction will be required in these areas to balance the council’s revenue budgets.

Councillor Price cabinet member infrastructure said, “The overall investment in Herefordshire’s highway network is larger than we have seen in many years and will make a real difference.  However, we will need to sustain levels of investment over future years to bring all our roads up to an acceptable standard and keep them there. I welcome the additional funding provided by Government to help to tackle the damage created by the recent floods but I will continue to lobby with the help of our local MPs and others for more.

This is good news for the county overall but the amount of money available to deliver routine services like grass cutting and street cleansing has reduced and we have had to make some difficult decisions about how and when these services are delivered.

With ever diminishing budgets the council needs to continue to focus on core services, delivering the best value for money possible for the people of the county”

The Annual Plan will be approved and published in May 2014. Parish councils will be briefed later in the year.

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