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Hereford Futures statement

This statement clarifies the paperwork we have received from Hereford Futures.

Herefordshire Council has a joint venture agreement with Hereford Futures and the paperwork we have received clearly satisfies this agreement.  This includes all paperwork necessary to fulfil our obligations.

We have received a full handover report from the chief executive of Hereford Futures along with copies of all necessary contracts and technical reports in relation to the projects which the council will be taking forward.  We have also received a marketing pack for the urban village in Hereford city centre and a briefing on the Hereford old market development lettings strategy. 

We have requested that copies of the board minutes from the last financial year be made publically available and we understand that this is in hand. 

The statutory papers and accounts for Hereford Futures are also available from Companies House.

Hereford Futures has advised that the paperwork it has retained includes the company’s personnel files and e-mails, where a record still exists.

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