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Herefordshire Council encouraging residents to reduce their food waste

We currently waste 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year in the UK. The carbon associated with this avoidable food waste is equivalent to taking one in five cars off UK roads for a year. By reducing their food waste the average family with children could save almost £60 per month

In order to address the problem of food waste locally, Herefordshire Council and Worcestershire County Council work together to encourage residents to reduce the food waste they produce by promoting the Love Food and Hate Waste campaign. This involves asking residents to plan their shopping and meals in advance, knowing what food is stored in the fridge / cupboard and when it expires, storing food correctly (e.g. keeping bread in a bread bin and not in the fridge) and not cooking too much food when preparing meals.

Complementing the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, Herefordshire Council and Worcestershire County Council are continuing to support their subsidised compost bin scheme for another year and this year includes waste digesters. Once food waste has been minimised, home composting is a great way of dealing with what's left and is also an excellent way of nourishing your garden for free.

Councillor Harry Bramer, Cabinet Member for Contracts and Assets in Herefordshire said: "Protecting the environment is an important priority to Herefordshire. The Love food Hate Waste campaign and home compost scheme has been so successful since it began several years ago, it's estimated that residents have diverted over 100,000 tonnes of garden and food waste from landfill."

Alongside traditional compost bins which are designed to compost uncooked food and garden waste only, residents from across the county can now also take advantage of various discounted waste digesters and wormeries including the Hotbin, Green Cone, Green Johanna and Bokashi. These are designed specifically to accept cooked and uncooked food waste.

To find out more about home composting and waste digesters please visit or to learn more about the Love Food Haste Waste campaign please visit