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Individual Electoral Registration is rolling out across Herefordshire


The way we all register to vote is changing.

The new system of Individual Electoral Registration was introduced nationally on 10 June 2014 and replaces the traditional ‘head of household’ register. The change will modernise the voting system whilst making it more accurate and less vulnerable to fraud.

Individual Electoral Registration is quick and easy to complete online and takes less than five minutes. To register, each applicant will be asked for their name, current and previous address, nationality, date of birth and national insurance number. To individually register to vote, visit:

Colette Maund, electoral services manager, said:

“The changes being implemented will ensure that individuals can register quickly and securely in the simplest way possible, whilst increasing the accuracy of Herefordshire’s electoral register.

“When the council updated to the new system, over 85% of Herefordshire’s residents were automatically registered by matching their name and address to existing government records.

“However, residents who have not been automatically transferred to the new system will need to re-register in order to vote in future elections and referendums after the general election in May 2015. Postal voters in particular may be at risk if they don’t register on the new system, as they will not be able to vote by post in next year’s general election.

“This month, it’s Herefordshire’s turn to write to every resident to advise if they have been automatically moved onto the new register or if they need to take any further action. Look out for your letter, which will tell you more.”

To find out more about Individual Electoral Registration, to register over the phone or report a problem, please contact the council’s electoral services office on 01432 260107 or

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