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Have you had your flu jab this year?

Flu campaign posterHerefordshire residents are at an increased risk from flu as figures released on 8 December 2014 show that less than 36% of people under 65 with an existing health condition have had a vaccination so far this year.

Worryingly, the figure is even lower for pregnant women, with only 21% of those eligible taking up the free vaccination in Herefordshire.

As we approach the busiest season, when flu outbreaks increase, the impact of the virus on frail and vulnerable residents can be serious. But pregnant women and those under 65 with an existing health condition are also at particular risk from the more severe effects of flu.

Susan Lloyd, Herefordshire Council’s director of public health, said: “The figures are disappointing. For most healthy people flu is an unpleasant virus with recovery taking a few days.

“However, pregnant women and those with existing health conditions are at an increased risk of it becoming something far more severe.

“It is these members of the community that need to be further encouraged to take up the free flu vaccination from their GP or pharmacy.”

The vaccination will only take about 15 minutes so it easily fits into your daily routine and will help to protect those particularly at risk this winter.

To receive your free flu jab contact your local GP or pharmacy or search flu at


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