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C1268 railway bridge at Rotherwas.

There continues to be water flowing through the damaged C1268 under the railway bridge at Rotherwas. Engineers are investigating the source of this flow today (Tuesday 18 February 2014). The outcome of the investigation will determine a course of action which is best for the repair of this site.

The work may involve a more temporary repair which enables the road to be opened quickly. This option will require a longer term solution to be delivered at some point in the near future, leading to the road being closed again for the duration of those works.

The alternative option is to deliver a permanent repair now. This would take more time to deliver now, but would remove the need to revisit the site in the near future.

The investigation of the drainage will identify whether the groundwater that is flowing through the construction of the road can be managed so that it allows a sound repair to be delivered at this time, or whether waiting until groundwater levels have subsided presents the best option.

The main access into the Enterprise Zone is via the B4399 Rotherwas Access Road and this route is secure. We recognise that the enforced closure of the Holme Lacy Road will inconvenience may motorists and we are working to deliver the best repair option and secure this second access to Herefordshire’s Enterprise Zone.

Tags: Highways and transportation