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If your home has been affected by flooding please let us know

We would like to hear from people whose homes have been affected by flooding.

Our initial assessment has been that mercifully few homes in Herefordshire have been flooded in the recent poor weather. We are aware than not everyone who has been flooded may have contacted the emergency services or the council for help.

Your home may have been affected by flooding in one of a number of ways: water may have entered your home, you may have been trapped in your home or other parts of your property or outbuildings may have flooded.

Central government has announced a grant scheme to help householders “repair and renew” after flooding. The details are still being finalised.

We need to report to government on Wednesday on how many homes are affected in Herefordshire. In order to be included in this report we will need to hear from householders by 3pm on Wednesday 19 February 2014.

Even after that date we would still like you to let us know if you have been affected by flooding.

So we are asking any householder who has been affected by floods to email to contact us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address (of the affected property)
  • On what date or dates was your property affected by flooding?
  • How did flooding affect your property?
  • Did water enter your property?
  • How many people are resident at your property?
  • Was the property insured?
  • Do you own the property or rent it?

Please email these details to or phone 01432 261923.


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