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Opinions sought about on-street parking in Hereford

Shoppers and traders have the opportunity to give their opinion about parking in Hereford city centre as the council commences its review of on-street parking. The Council will be considering a range of options including charging for on street parking, to manage traffic flow into and around the city centre, to reduce congestion and create a safer and more pleasurable place for shoppers within the enhanced retail environment. It will commence consultation with shoppers, traders residents and other interested groups this week and will carry out further consultation on detailed proposals in the summer.

The review will aim to support current schemes in the historic core include street de-cluttering through rationalising existing signage, 20mph zones and more cycling facilities. Creating an appropriate parking strategy supports this as the council looks to enable access to the city centre for all whilst seeking to deter any unnecessary car trips where public transport or active transport could provide an alternative.  

Councillor Price, Cabinet Member Infrastructure said “The review will look at the number of street parking spaces and where they are, how current restrictions control parking and whether they are appropriate. We need to understand how and what changes might better control traffic flow into and around the city centre to reduce congestion whilst supporting businesses and residents.

Creating a  better environment with less circulating cars and more facilities for cycling, walking and public transport use will be the basis of the next Local Transport Plan (LTP) that is due to commence in 2015. The LTP will include plans which aim to support economic growth, reduce carbon emissions and make journeys easier for people.”

The closing date for submission of the questionnaire is 17 March 2014. To complete the online questionnaire please go to or call 01432 349530 to request a paper version.