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Road closure frequently asked questions

Flood sign

Keeping road users safe during this extreme weather is a priority for the highway service and Balfour Beatty Living Places have teams working around the clock to ensure that flooded roads are signed, diversions and sand bags are in place where needed and emergency repairs are undertaken as soon as the conditions and the availability of resources allow.

How do you decide when to close a road?

The decision to close a road is taken when either the level of surface water on the roads could be an immediate or imminent danger to road users; or the damage caused to the highway also presents a similar hazard that cannot be rectified through any immediate repair.  

Who decides that a road should close?

The decision to close a road is taken for the Council as the Highway Authority through the highway service. We rely on information provided by our highways inspectors,  the police and tips from the public on where flooding or damage is taking place. Ultimately it is up to the highway authority or the police to determine when a road should be closed and although it might seem inconvenient to some motorists our top priority is public safety.

What if I see a flooded road, will you come out and close it?

We really appreciate people letting us know when and where there is flood water, or when it is receding, but ultimately we rely on the expertise of the road crews to inform the final decision on closing or re-opening any road.

How often are the inspectors out checking the roads?

Balfour Beatty Living Places have crews out on the roads each day, inspecting the condition of roads and putting up closures when required, arranging repair works and helping with sandbags. We do all we can to ensure that people are safe when travelling around the county.

I don’t think my road should be closed, yet there is a sign saying it is?

No road is closed without good reason and we only reopen roads when we are satisfied that it’s safe to do so. We accept that this can lead to roads appearing to be closed for no good reason, particularly as flood waters subside. We will endeavor to re-open roads as soon as possible and we do appreciate people telling us when a flood has subsided, as we cannot know the depth of water at all locations throughout the 2000 plus miles of road that we are responsible for all of the time. We advise that drivers do not drive through a road that is closed; to do so is breaking the law and if you were to damage your vehicle on any defect you may find that you have invalidated your motor insurance. Using a diversion route, may be inconvenient, but should see you on your way safely.

Your road closures page doesn’t seem very accurate at times

We rely on the intelligence of the crews on the ground to inform the decision to close/re-open any road and we post changes as a result of our decisions as quickly as possible. . The situation on the ground can change rapidly and decisions are made and updates are posted as quickly and accurately as possible. We can’t post any road information until the decision to close/re-open has been implemented.

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