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Exhibition of drawings and paintings by Robert Gore

The Hereford Museum and Gallery is presenting a retrospective of Robert Gore's drawings and paintings and launch of his illustrated diary covering prison life in the 1980s.

As a young man Robert Gore trained as an artist. Failing to make a living as such, he later became involved in criminal activities that led to a prison term in the 1980’s.  In reaction to the fear of impending boredom and enforced idleness in confinement, Robert decided to keep a daily prison diary, which he would illustrate, depicting life inside.

Much of Robert’s artwork in the diaries, is influenced by the characters and events around him, while serving time in both closed and open prisons. Many works are of the natural world, both observed in Leyhill open prison and also from memory.

The creation of the Diaries, has been a project that has focused his attention back, to his creative abilities, liberating him away from the distraction of alternative activities.

The exhibition is being held at the Hereford Museum and Gallery, Broad Street, Hereford from 18 January – 5 March 2014.

Robert Gore exhibition

Tags: Leisure and culture