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Healthy eating

Eat healthily and save money

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Eating healthy can have many benefits including helping to maintain a healthy weight, increasing energy, improving your mood and reducing illness. Some people believe that healthy eating costs a lot, however, there are a number of ways to eat healthily on a budget, as well as to ensure you use all the food you buy so you don’t waste money throwing food away.

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Advice to help you eat healthily and save

Top Tips

Top tips to eating healthily and save

  • Try the Change4Life Meal Mixer, a 4 week plan to help you cook healthier meals on a budget – every Friday for 4 weeks, get a tasty, healthy recipe, instructions and a shopping list of all the ingredients you'll need to cook a healthy meal for around £5
  • Replace your morning or afternoon snack with a piece of fruit. An apple or banana could cost about half the price of most chocolate bars or packets of crisps
  • Go for long-life options which are often cheaper and just as healthy:   canned, frozen or dried fruit and vegetables, tinned oily fish like salmon,  store cupboard staples such as canned tomatoes, beans and tried pulses which can also count towards your 5 a day, pasta is cheap and filling and can be very versatile.  Try wholegrain options for a healthier choice
  • Plan your meals – make a list before you go food shopping. This can help avoid impulse buys of unhealthy items and buying more than you need.  See the meal planning video for more ideas
  • Cook in bulk and freeze portions to eat another time. Learn more about freezing your food 
  • Make your own healthy packed lunch to save money and eat more healthily - see recipe ideas below
  • Buy fruit and veg that are in season – this is often cheaper
  • Oats for breakfast – porridge oats are cheap and make a great breakfast – as hot cereal or mixed with low-fat yogurt and fruit 
  • Measure out foods like pasta and rice to get your portion sizes right. If you make more than you need, try freezing it. Learn more about freezing your food.   
  • Add more veg or lentils and beans to meat meals – they tend to cost less than meat and can make the meal go further and help you cut down on saturated fat.  See recipe ideas below
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