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Physical activity

Get fit and save money


Being more physically active has a wide range of benefits including reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and major illnesses. It can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy. But did you think that it could also save you money? 

Some people might think that getting active means spending money on a gym membership, but there are many ways to be active for free, or even to save money by being active. If you think about how much you spend currently on petrol, car parking or public transport when you go to work, school or the shops, you might be able to save some of this money with active travel (walking or cycling part or all of your journey). See the ideas below to get active for free and to get active and save. 

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Top tips

Top Tips to get active and save

Ideas for swapping a car or public transport for walking or cycling for all or part of your journey:

  • Find out how much could you save by walking or cycling all or part of your journey with this travel change calculator
  • Get ideas for how you can swap the car or public transport for walking or cycling from Change4Life  
  • Plan your travel choices in Herefordshire with Choose How You Move including viewing walking and cycling route maps 
  • Want to cycle to work or school but your journey is too long? Find out more about Park and Cycle which provides convenient locations to break your journey, park the car and continue by bike
  • Try to park the car a bit further from your destination and walk – you might be able to save on parking charges
  • Get walking or cycling and log your walks or log your cycle rides to see how far you've gone and how much you might have saved

Ideas to help you get fit for free or save on fitness:

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