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Recruitment drive necessary to make savings

The director of adult wellbeing at Herefordshire Council has backed a recruitment drive that offers to pay up to £500 a day for two interim management posts in adult social care.

The council has to make savings in adult social care against a backdrop of new legislation and changing health services, all of which focus on changing the landscape in this area of work.  This means the local authority is expected to provide better quality services, more choice and control for people and at the same time, deal with the pressure that elderly people admitted to hospital put on the health service.

National recruitment agency BRC, has been asked by the council to find two temporary suitably qualified and experienced managers to deliver the transformation work needed to achieve this.

Backing the recruitment drive, Helen Coombes, director for adult wellbeing, said: “In Herefordshire, we have already made significant savings by restructuring, changing our processes and reviewing what we pay for services.  But we need to do more. 

“I understand that the amount of money we are prepared to pay for these two temporary posts looks high compared to the average salaries of Herefordshire residents, but we need to attract top quality people with very specific skills who can drive further change forward at a pace and make the savings that we need to make.

“Along with other areas of the country, we are going through an enormous period of change and as such we need the best management team in place in order to properly deliver cost effective adult social care services and provide the best outcomes for the residents of Herefordshire.  These posts are short term fixed contracts and include normal staff costs such as holiday entitlement.  However at the end of the contract the council doesn’t need to cover any exit costs.

“We are competing with numerous other local authorities in the same situation and must offer the right incentives to attract the best people to help us deliver our priorities of protecting vulnerable residents.”


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