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Winter weather - problem potholes

Pothole repairs

Balfour Beatty pothole teams have been busy maintaining Herefordshire roads and fixing potholes in the county as quickly as possible to keep roads safe over the winter.

They have completed in excess of 25,500 defects since 1 Sept last year. This is predominantly potholes but also includes edge damage and other carriageway issues such as footway defects, kerbs defects and drainage issues which contribute to the pothole problem, particularly during wet weather.

 Currently there are 27 gangs carrying out reactive and routine repairs, using 5 hotboxes (mobile unit with hot material) and allocated trucks for patching repairs. In addition there are 3 Velocity patchers (quick repairs for multiple defects on minor roads) working across the county doing reactive repairs.

Alongside this there are also programme teams out inspecting and arranging resurfacing works where possible. This is an increase to the level of resource in place prior to September, as there is a significant amount of work needed to keep the network safe.

During winter, potholes may be repaired and when the road freezes or is subject to a lot of water, this can quickly erode the repair causing the pothole to reappear in a short time.

Although short term repairs alone do not solve the problem, and these are usually undertaken to make a road safe, the council also has an annual programme of regular maintenance which takes place from spring onwards as weather improves.

In addition, Herefordshire Council is working with Balfour Beatty to develop a significantly increased capital programme and will invest £20M to improve road conditions longer term, throughout the county over the next two years. The aim of longer term investment is to improve the overall condition of some of the county’s roads and therefore savings on continuous reactive repairs.

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