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Colwall CofE Primary School

There have been ongoing issues with water entering the building at Colwall CE Primary School. The Colwall area is renowned for damp problems in its buildings and the school has been affected.

The governing body, school leadership and officers from Herefordshire Council have decided to move the children attending the school to temporary accommodation for 12 months from September 2014. The move will ensure continuity of education for the enrolled 190 children, while the building problems are resolved.

To understand and then resolve the building issues will require major work. Rather than work around the children, it has been decided to move the whole school to an alternative site in the village as a temporary measure.

The exact location is still subject to discussion and negotiation, but a detailed specification has been drawn up so that children are not disadvantaged in the move.  Parents of children at the school attended a meeting in the village hall last night (Tuesday 8 July), where governors and council officers explained the situation.

Jo Davidson, director of children’s wellbeing at Herefordshire Council, who attended last night’s briefing, said:

“While the news of the move was of course a surprise for parents, we have been able to reassure them of the council, governors and staff efforts to ensure continuity of education for their children. The temporary buildings will be near to the existing school and while precise details cannot be shared yet there were many offers of support from parents and friends of the school to assist with the packing up, moving and unpacking.” 

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