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Herefordshire young people create anti-bullying film

A group of Herefordshire young people have had the chance to write, film, edit and star in their own anti-bullying film.

The film, called ‘It’s our turn’, is aimed at discouraging children and young people from getting involved in bullying. Young people from No4 Blackfriars received film training from Herefordshire’s Rural Media Company before putting together their own film using their new skills.

The project not only taught the young people about film making, it also gave them the chance to work as a team, learn new skills and make decisions. The project, led by the Rural Media Company, received funding from IntoFilm, an educational charity who run the national film education programme.

Gemma, one of the young people involved in making the film, said:

“The film was very interesting because I learnt new skills that I did not think that I was capable of learning. I got to know lots of different people and how to use the equipment. I really enjoyed making the film, because it made me realise all about bullying and how cruel people can be towards others.”

Debbie Barnett, participation and mentoring officer at Herefordshire Council, said:

“The project has been amazing! All of the young people taking part have really embraced the process and have learnt valuable skills at every session. The project has been very positive and rewarding for each and every one of them.”

The film can be viewed on the Rural Media Company website at



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