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Shake up your kids’ summer and get them moving with the Disney ‘10 Minute Shake Up’!

Children in Herefordshire are being invited to get a piece of the action and join in a big Change4Life Disney '10 Minute Shake Up' this summer.

Imagine having your children's favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, Sulley, or Olaf on hand to inspire them to get active.  That's the vision for the Change4Life and Disney summer campaign being supported by Halo Leisure and the council's healthy lifestyle trainer service.

For many years, children and families have enjoyed Disney's timeless storytelling and wonderful characters.  This partnership is about bringing those stories to life through simple, fun activities to help chldren get the daily exercise they need.

Halo Leisure and the council's healthy lifestyle service will be at The Old Market Shopping Centre in Hereford from 11am-2pm every day betrween Monday 21 July and Sunday 27 July, and Saturday 9th-Sunday 17th August giving advice to adults and children on how they can be more physically active.

Children can join in with '10 Minute Shake Up' games and activities and pick up some free swimming vouchers so they can take a dip at their local Halo pool.  A seven day complimentary day pass is on offer for adults, so they can try eerything Halo has to offer: gym, swim, golf, fitness classes, racket sports and spa.

Sign up at for a '10 Minute Shake Up' pack and get loads of FREE games and activities inspired by your kids' favourite characters, including a stopwatch, a walll chart, reward stickers and Disney character activity cards.