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Fewer children and young people are missing school in Herefordshire

Government statistics released recently have shown that fewer children and young people in Herefordshire are missing school than in other parts of the country.

The figures, released by the Department for Education, show that during autumn term absence rates across Herefordshire’s schools were as low as 3.8% compared to the national (4.3%) and regional (4.0%) averages. Unauthorised absence was even lower at 0.5% in Herefordshire schools.

Jo Davidson, director of children's wellbeing services, said:

“Keeping children and young people safe and giving them a great start in life is one of our key priorities at Herefordshire Council, and good school attendance is critical to this. These figures are very encouraging. This shows parents/carers and schools are doing a great job for our children ensuring they attend school regularly.”

Further details are available from the Department for Education: