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Help for people using direct payments

More help is available for people using direct payments.  The council has published a new list of providers that people can get help and support from to manage their direct payments.

If someone is assessed as needing support to pay for their care, they can choose to have a direct payment from the council and manage their care themselves.  The benefits are that it allows them to make choices about the type of care and support they buy.

At the moment, around 500 Herefordshire people choose to use this way of paying for their services.  Many of these people find themselves becoming employers and having to keep records for the first time.  To help them find their way around the legal requirements involved, the council has arranged for them to access a range of support services from external organisations.  The type of support people tend to receive is on issues such as payroll, record keeping, employment matters and managing accounts. 

Eight organisations, which are published on the council’s website have just been approved by the council to provide this service. 

Councillor Graham Powell, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “Many of our service users have been receiving guidance and support from Herefordshire Services for Independent Living (SIL), and they may decide to continue with this arrangement.

“However, we want to provide people with as much choice as possible.  So, we are pleased to announce we have a further seven organisations approved to provide support services..”

“People can buy specialist direct payment support from appropriate individuals or agencies.  However purchasing from one of the council’s approved providers gives people assurance as all those listed have been through an approval process.”