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Council considers proposals for Shared Lives and Homeshare

Herefordshire Council has published a contract award notice proposing a new provider for its Shared Lives scheme (previously known as Adult Placement).

The council currently manages the Shared Lives scheme which has 56 carers who provide care and support for adults with an assessed need for services, in the carer’s home.

Last year, the council announced it planned to change the way adult social care is provided in order to encourage and support people to live independently and stay healthy for as long as possible.  The council said it wanted to see more people taking control of choosing and purchasing their own services under the nationalisation agenda and pledged to look at alternative ways of providing these services.

In July 2013 the council’s Cabinet agreed to outsource the management of Shared Lives and to include homeshare in the tendering process.* Since then, carers have been kept informed of progress and the council is now in a position to propose the contract be issued to Ategi.

Ategi is a registered charity and has extensive experience of supporting adults who are vulnerable because of their disability.  The charity has submitted proposals that involve expanding the service from 56 to 80 carers, plus further development of the respite break service and introduction of a homeshare pilot scheme.

The decision to award the contract lies with the cabinet member for health and wellbeing and will be made on 31 March 2014.  If the proposals are approved, Ategi will take over the management of Shared Lives in June 2014.

*In homeshare, someone who needs a small amount of help to live independently in their own home is matched with someone who has a housing need and can provide support or companionship.

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