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Council receives £3.5M extra funds for road repairs


The county will benefit from an additional £3.5M from the government to help with the road damage caused by the recent floods.

Herefordshire Council having successfully applied for some of the £183M the government has made available to help repair local roads damaged by severe weather.

Cllr Philip Price: “This is good news and it means additional money to help with emergency road repairs on top of what we’ve applied for through the Bellwin Scheme.

“We will bid for any further funding that is available to fix the damage caused to our county’s infrastructure, and this will all supplement our normal but reduced annual funding for maintenance works.

“This is in addition to £20M we announced last month which will be used over the next two years to address underlying deterioration and prevent roads from deteriorating further in future years.

 “This still won’t be enough to repair all 2,000 miles of roads in the county. We would need the whole of the allocated " All England " pot to address the condition of roads throughout Herefordshire. With all this additional funding we will spend close to £40 million in 14/15, still short of what is needed to make everything perfect.”

Priorities will be given to repairing damaged roads and drainage from recent wet weather as the claim period for this Bellwin and additional extreme weather funding is short. Work has begun on the most severely damaged areas.

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