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New council system promises fairer funding for the county’s adults

Herefordshire Council is to use a new nationally accredited assessment process to decide how much each individual needing adult social care should receive. 

Any resident can request a social care assessment to find out whether they, or a family member, are eligible for support.  If they are eligible, an assessment will be undertaken and an electronic system will calculate the amount of money estimated to meet that resident’s care and support needs.  Depending on their financial circumstances, they may need to make a contribution towards their budget.

Needing adult social care services is a very daunting process for individuals, their families and carers and when faced with lots of forms and processes to follow, can make a stressful experience even worse.

To make the process easier, less stressful and fairer, Herefordshire Council has been challenging the way it undertakes adult social care assessments, working with service user groups and staff to make sure that people needing services are put at the heart of all our processes.

Councillor Graham Powell, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “The eligibility criteria is not changing, but we have launched a brand new assessment process which is designed to ensure that we are able to meet people’s needs in the most effective way possible.  It also puts people in control of how and when they access services.

“Our social workers are currently reassessing all existing adult social care customers’ needs and will at the same time, explain how the new assessment system will work.  We’ve also produced a leaflet for social workers to leave with customers called Taking control of your care which is available on the council’s website.”

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