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The road to the Old Market Hereford

The journey to Old Market


Today is a historic day for the people of Herefordshire as the first stores on the Old Market site open their doors for the first time. The ten year journey to this point started with the adoption of the Unitary Development Plan. Plans were put in place to move the old cattle market to its new site at Roman Road, on the outskirts of Hereford. Since its eventual move in 2011 the new cattle market has become one of the most successful of its kind in the country with cow sales increasing by 59% and sheep sales by 22%.

In 2006 ESG Ltd was incorporated to ensure the county had access to the commercial expertise necessary to deliver the extensive plans for what was then known as the Edgar Street Grid, which encompassed 100 acres of the underused city centre site.

ESG Ltd secured the private investment needed for the Old Market retail development site and the housing development, the Urban Village. The ESG who later became Hereford Futures was also instrumental in the delivery of the flood alleviation scheme at Credenhill which is designed to divert water from the Merton Meadow site and securing planning permission for the city Link Road.

Public and private sector investment was secured over the coming years and the masterplan for the whole ESG site was developed and consulted on in 2008/09. Planning consent for the new development was granted in 2010 and construction began in 2013. In just over one year the construction has been completed six months ahead of schedule.

One of the council’s priorities is to invest in projects to improve roads, create jobs and build more homes. The development of the retail site has regenerated the old market and brought 1100 new jobs to the city. The Urban Village will see 800 new homes; 35% of which are affordable constructed over the coming years.