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Are you looking to cut down on your drinking?

Uncorking wineThis week is alcohol awareness week and Herefordshire Council’s public health team is encouraging people to think about what they drink.

After a long day at work many of us like to unwind with a nice glass of wine or a cold beer. However, this can quickly escalate with one drink slowly turning into two or three a night. This can have serious effects not only on your health but also your finances.

There are a number of hidden harms related to drinking alcohol, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and reduced fertility but cutting down on drinking can help to reduce these risks and improve how you look and feel.

Susan Lloyd, director of Herefordshire Council’s public health team, said: “We are not asking people not to drink, just to think about how much they do drink and perhaps cut down slightly or introduce drink free days.

“A number of people start off having only one or two small drinks a night, but this can quickly escalate without them even realising it. If you’re looking to change your drinking habits, there’s a lot of useful information, including a drinks checker, easy drink swaps and a drink tracker app available on the Change4Life website, which is all free to access.”

Alcohol awareness week runs from Monday 17 to Sunday 23 November and to find out more about changing your drinking habits, visit the Change4Life website and search ‘choose less booze’ or the NHS Choices website and search ‘live well’.

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